The TA Adventures of Lauryn and Cindy

Fall 2015 - Winter 2016


We had the privilege of being teaching assistants for CSCI 10 Lab for the first and second quarters of our junior year. Despite knowing enough about C++ to help people with it, there were a lot of other things we had to learn to be good TAs as well. Here is a randomly organized list of things we learned how to do while in the process of teaching others:

Log: March 10

Should be simple conversion of C++ to C

Log: March 3

Dr. Linnell went to a conference!

Log: February 25

Order is important

Log: February 18

Can't use substring function

Log: Feb 11

What is a factorial

Log: February 4

Scoping out scope

Log: January 28

Intro to functions

Log: January 21

Woohoo, loops again

Log: January 14

That bio thing again

Log: January 7

Installing Codeblocks yet again

Log: December 3

Learning C in the last lab

Log: November 19

File i/o is still the bomb

Log: November 12

What kind of name is "Slaughterhouse 5" and we are reminded of MATH 53 ( Linear Algebra)

Log: November 5

What is substring

Log: October 29

Spanish arrays

Log: October 22

Scope and writing functions

Log: October 15

Double loops, random numbers, boolean functions, and all that good stuff

Log: October 8

Applying physics to computer science

Log: October 1

In case you didn't remember biology

Log: September 24

First day on the job!